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I was seeing some video on YouTube then suddenly the driver applied brake she just fell on me, her soft hands body touch made my dick hard, she was like sorry I said that’s ok.



She asked where will you get down, I said my stop, she was like hoo god I asked what happened, she said even I’ll get down there I need to sit down. I was not ready to give my seat cause I was tired. Next to me the person got down in next stop she sat next to me and took the bag. She was watching my cell what I’m watching. I asked where do you stay, she said the address which was two lane from my home. I asked her I have not seen her only till now cause from my birth I stay in the same area. She said we just shifted yesterday only, I was in aunt’s house after school I’m too going now to my new home. First time I introduce myself I’m Rahul. Finished my college. Looking for job. She said I’m Rohini studing in 10th std. Then we both got down she was confused how to go.